In recent years, as greenhouse effect brings about global climate abnormality, all products are designed to conform to be energy-saving and green energy. In order to achieve the above objects, all electronic product and household appliances cannot always be in operation, but should be activated to start their functions when people move close to them or pass them. For the reason, it is necessary to develop a detector capable of detecting human bodies by infrared lights. The pyro-electric infrared (PIR) detector is the best resolution because the housing of the PIR detector has a multi-layer coating film capable of blocking most infrared lights, but only allows the infrared lights with the waveforms whose temperatures are close to 36.5 ℃; thus, the detector is very suitable for movement detection of human bodies by infrared lights. The document mainly introduces the applications of the PIR detectors of HYCON HY10P-series MCUs…More



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