Privacy Policy Statement

This policy is directed at visitors to the Hycon website. Note that your rights to privacy with regard to the “Hycon Technology Corp. Website” (hereinafter referred to as the company’s website) will be provided with full respect and protection. To assist in your understanding of how the website collects, uses and protects the personal information that its users provide, we recommend that you spend time to read the details of the company privacy policy.


1.Collection of Personal Information

With regard to the personal data source, it is divided into the following section:
1. Standard website browsing which includes browsing the company’s website and downloading files. For these operations no collection of any personal identification information will be made.
2. Situations where users enter their own information or where the server generates information. In such situations, for example website account applications, activity registration, skills database, position applications or feedback etc., or where the server generates its own records, which includes the IP address of the user connected device, the connected time, which browser is used and which website areas were browsed etc. Here personal information that may be collected could include, ID number, name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, email address, postcode, fax number, address, occupation, school department, student information etc. Additionally, if the person browsing the website wishes to provide suggestions (using Contact Us) ensure that the correct name, e-mail and contact information etc. is entered, to allow us to assist in the correct processing of relevant comments.


2.Usage of Personal Information

All personal data collected from the company’s website such as name, company name, job title, address, telephone number and e-mail address, etc. which could be used to identify an individual, will only be used for the following listed purposes. These will include business registration, customer management, marketing and business related services, for a period covering the time from the start of the personal data acquisition until the end of the specified usage time and which will comply with the related personal data protection laws and regulations to protect user’s personal information.


3.Cookie Usage and Policy

A cookie is a small section of information written by the server to the user’s computer storage device to allow the company to understand certain user preferences. Whether to accept the use of cookies or not by the user browser can be selected in the “Settings/Advanced” section or in IE’s “Security/Internet Options”. These options include the following choices: “Accept all cookies”, “Notify when cookies are set” and “Reject all cookies”. If the option to reject all cookies is selected, then note that some of the website features or participation in certain activities, may not be possible. The company website will, according to the following situations, write and read cookies into the user browser:
1. To provide an enhanced and more personalised customer service and to assist with user participation in certain interactive activities. Cookies will be generated when the user logs in, when information is provided and also when the user logs out.
2. To enable the company to monitor the number of visitors and to allow it to analyse browsing styles to permit a better understanding of user web browsing behavior to allow the company to improve its overall website.


4.Information Sharing and Usage

With the exception of having first obtained user consent or to meet legal demands, the company will not sell, share, rent or exchange user personal information to external groups or individuals. For the exceptional cases of social order and for public safety, when the company requires to publish certain personal data on the basis of legal requirements, the company will take into account the official legal procedures for the safety considerations of all site users and comply with all necessary cooperation requirements. For other user supplied information, this will only be managed by the relevant company personnel. The user agrees that the company may process and use any relevant information to provide information or services within the legally permitted scope of the law and can also supply service and product information to areas in which the company has operations.

You are allowed to refuse to supply relevant personal data and to accept cookies, however it may not be possible to obtain access to all of the related activities provided by the company and the ability to obtain a range of information.


5.Third-party links and services

The company’s website may provide links to other websites or to services provided by other third parties. It is important to understand that any collection of data by third parties has no relation to Hycon Technology Corp.. This policy is only valid for the services provided by Hycon Technology Corp..


6.Personal Protection Measures

All passwords and personal data should be appropriately protected and secured. It is particularly important not to supply personal data, especially passwords to anyone who may request it. When emails are sent or received or when users log in to the web information system to use any related services, after completion users should ensure that they log out. For situation where computers are shared with other users or when using a public computer, it is important to close the browser window to prevent other users from reading any personal information that might remain.


7.User Privacy Protection

The company utilises a range of security technologies and procedures and does so in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to protect your privacy. However, it is important to personally take measures in this regard such as updating and clearing your personal information. It is also important to limit and/or oppose the use of your personal information by:
● Cancelling your consent to the company using your personal information at any time.
● Limiting and/or opposing use of your personal information.
● Request a manual review of certain automated procedures that may affect your legal or other contractual rights.
● Requesting a copy of personal information that we retain about you.
If you wish to implement any of these rights or for any questions regarding our management of your personal information, please contact us.


8.Minors’ right to privacy

There will be no information collected with regard to minors under the age of 16 without the consent of a legal guardian. Minors must seek the consent of their legal guardian. The company will confirm receipt of your legal guardian to provide information to us. Your legal guardian has the authority to revoke this consent at any time and make requests for updates, access, deletion, etc.
If it is required wish to implement any personal data privacy rights such as: enquiries, reading, copying, supplementing, correcting, processing, using and deleting, then contact us by telephone or email during business hours, or use the website to submit (Contact Us/Other issue).


9.Privacy Policy Revision

The company reserves the right to review and update its privacy policy at any time. Refer to the “Last Updated” date at the bottom of this page to see if the privacy policy has been modified. Using the company website implies your acceptance of the terms of the amended Privacy Policy. Therefore it is important to periodically review the Privacy Policy to ensure a full understanding of its terms.


10.The company discussed and approved this policy prior to its implementation and amendment.


Contact Us

For any comments, questions, opinions or concerns regarding this policy, or for any situations that exist that may not apply to this police, please use the website to submit (Contact Us/Other issue).


Last updated: July 1, 2018