Blood pressure monitor


Currently, the electronic blood pressure monitor is most frequently used in common families, which can automatically measure the blood pressure without the assistance of the health care worker. The measurement method is mainly to use the pressure sensors inside the blood pressure cuff to detect the pressure change in order to determine the blood pressure value. In addition to the sensors, the electronic blood pressure monitor further includes a pressure pump, a relief valve and a microcontroller in order to achieve automatic measurement. The measurement method is to apply pressure to the blood pressure cuff and then control the relief valve to reduce the pressure until the pressure inside the blood pressure cuff is higher than the systolic pressure of the human body. Via the process of increasing and decreasing the pressure of the blood pressure cuff, the vibration of the vascular walls caused by heartbeat will be reflected to pulse change of the blood pressure cuff; therefore, the systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure and average blood pressure can be calculated according to the pressure and the amplitude of the blood pressure cuff.

The document is to measure the blood and pulse by Oscillometricmethodand the arm-type measurement method of the high-precision ∑△ADC inside the HYCON HY16F19xB; the test data show: the electronic blood pressure monitor realized by the method has many advantages, such as high measurement precision, high anti-interference, easy-to-use and low cost, etc., which is suitable to serve as a health care instrument for mass production.



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