No-Switch Electronic Scale


HY11P-series chips have unique high-integration design, which can reduce the requirements of many external components. Due to the extra-energy-saving design of the low-voltage analog power source system, the power consumption of the chip can be only 2.25mW even if under the consecutive measurement mode; the power consumption of the chip is also only 2uW after entering the deep-sleep mode, which can further satisfy the energy-saving requirement.

The novel design concept can help you save an external button switch; the intelligent detection determination of each second can determine whether it has returned to “0”; all changes can be easily tracked and updated even if the extremely low zero-point shift of the sensors;therefore, the capability/price ratio of the chip is much higher than that of other currently available products!

Please immediately experience how HYCONhelp you to realize the most distinguishing electronic scale product with highest stability via the most low-cost MCU.



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