HY2550 Series Features
  • High-accuracy voltage detection circuit for 3/4/5 Cell Application
  • Charge overcurrent protection
  • Three-level discharge overcurrent protection
  • Delay time:
    • Delay times are set by external capacitors respectively at CCT pin and CDT pin for overcharge detection, /charge overcurrent detection and overdischarge detection/discharge overcurrent detection voltage 1
    • Delay times are set internally for discharge overcurrent detection voltage 2 (1ms) and discharge overcurrent detection 3 (300μs)
  • Cell number selection: SEL pin is used to select either 3 cells or 4 cells in use. SEL5 pin is used to select 5 cells in use when SEL pin is also set to “1”
  • Charge/discharge operation can be controlled via the CTL pin
  • 0V Battery Charge inhibition
  • High voltage withstand range: Absolute maximum rated level:28V
  • Wide operating temperature range:-40℃ to +85℃
  • Low current consumption:
    • Operation mode 12μA typ., 30μA max. (VCn = 3.5V)
    • Power-down mode 1.2μA typ., 2.0μA max. (VCn = 2.0V)
  • Small package:16-pin TSSOP
  • Halogen free green product

Package Type TSSOP16L   DataSheet

Product Name Overcharge Detection Voltage
Overcharge Release Voltage
Overdischarge Detection Voltage
Overdischarge Release Voltage
Overcurrent Detection Voltage1
Overcurrent Detection Voltage2
Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage
0V Battery Charge Function
HY2550AA-T016-AC 4.350 V 4.150 V 2.400 V 3.000 V 0.200 V 0.500 V -0.100 V Available
HY2550AB-T016-AC 4.250 V 4.150 V 2.700 V 3.000 V 0.200 V 0.500 V -0.100 V Available
HY2550AC-T016-AC 3.900 V 3.800 V 2.000 V 2.500 V 0.150 V 0.500 V -0.100 V Available