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  • Digital Still and Video Cameras
  • Portable Instruments
Main Features of HY4145 Series
  • Used as stand–alone battery gauge for single Li+ cell battery applications
    • Integrate dual 16-bit ADCs for precision voltage, current, and temperature measurements
    • Use a low cost and low value sense resistor with calibration for current measurement
    • Use integrated and external temperature sensors for temperature measurement
  • Integrate accurate battery capacity estimate system
    • Integrate GaugePackTM algorithm – mixed algorithm with coulomb counting, open circuit cell voltage measurement and cell characteristics
    • Compensate Rate, temperature, age and self–discharge effects automatically
    • Require no fully battery charge-to-discharge or discharge-to-charge recycling for capacity learning process
    • Backup specific battery capacity information to Nonvolatile (NV) flash memory automatically
  • Feature programmable protection alerts
    • Protections for voltage, current, and temperature faults
    • Provide pin alert for voltage, current, and temperature protection
  • Backup battery lifetime data to Nonvolatile (NV) flash memory automatically
  • Provide 96 bytes Nonvolatile (NV) user scratch pad flash memory
Model No. Cell No Protection Interface Authentication User Flash (Bytes)
HY4145 1 JEITA I2C SHA-1 96