Why HY2110-AB overcharge release voltage (VCR) usually exceeds standard when using TestPad PTS-2008 tester under precision test mode?

HY2110-AB overcharge condition can be released by the following cases:
(1) When battery cell voltage equals to or lowers than that of overcharge release voltage (VCR) due to self-discharge.
(2) When load is connected and the battery voltage falls below than overcharge protection voltage (VCU).

When TestPad PTS-2008 tester experiments overcharge release voltage (VCR), charging and discharging process is alternate. At this stage, overcharge condition will be released if HY2110-AB detects VDD < VCU while discharging. Under this circumstance, possibilities of misjudgment exist because VCU has not truly being detected yet.

For detail information, please refer to TestPad website. (Documentation:《FAQ of TestPad PTS-2008 for abnormal overcharge release and overdischarge release testing》.

It is suggested to screen out this item while testing.